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What is Sig fig calculator?

Sometimes when we are in our Math class or doing some type of calculation work, we often stuck in our final answer because our answers are not precise and to overcome that issue we use the Sig fig calculator or significant figures calculator. Sig fig calculator plays very important role while doing the calculations for the accuracy of the result. In simple words we can say that significant figures calculator changes the calculations decencies that’s we face in our past while doing the laboratory work or some kind of engineering work.

What are significant figures?

Significant figures are the digits of the number whose value is accurate and up to the mark without any error. These significant figures provide us the meaningful information about the calculations of the expressions. The number of significant figures in a result is simply the number of figures that are known with some degree of reliability. The number 13.2 is said to have 3 significant figures. The number 13.20 is said to have 4 significant figures. Significant figures are a shorthand way to express how certain one is about one's data and calculations coming from that data. While significant figures are by no means as precise as detailed calculations of the uncertainty of a value, they are a very useful way to estimate uncertainty quickly. you can also calculate the significant figures using Sig fig calculator.

Example of Significant figures :

Let suppose a number 73, the number of significant figures are 2, and the number which are significant are 7 and 3.

For a number 22.5, it has 3 significant figures, and the number which is significant are 2, 2, and 5.

For the number 0.009 it has 1 only significant figure, and the number of the significant figure is 9.

Why we use significant figure calculator?

Significant figures calculator  or Sig fig calculator are also being used is by the scientist and engineers in order to solve the scientific and engineering problems which are very hard to solve without the scientific figure calculators, this is also being used in order to solve the uncertainty among the values. you can use sig fig calculator to find the how many significant figures in any number.

The academically Sig Fig calculator is the standard platform if we want to do our work more accurately without having worried about the result because the result we calculate is 100% precise.

Sig Fig Rules or Sig fig calculator rules :

Following are the main sig fig rules which are being used in the significant figures calculator while solving the calculations.

(1) All the digits are being considered the significant digits the zeros which are being placed to the right the right of the decimal.

(2) All the zeros that are being placeholders are not the significant.

(3) The zero to the left side of the decimal value which are being less than 1 is not being considered the significant number.

(4) If the significant digits has the more number than the deire number then the number will be round off.

(5) We don’t have the right to remove the zeroes at the end of the number as if we remove them then it will have effect on our calculations result.

Sig Fig Rules for mathematical operations

 In carrying out calculations, the general rule is that the accuracy of a calculated result is limited by the least accurate measurement involved in the calculation

In addition and subtraction

The result is rounded off to the last common digit occurring furthest to the right in all components.

For example

100 (assume 3 significant figures) + 23.643 (5 significant figures) = 123.643, which should be rounded to 124 (3 significant figures).

 (2) In multiplication and division

 The result should be rounded off so as to have the same number of significant figures as in the component with the least number of significant figures.

 For example

3.0 (2 significant figures) 12.60 (4 significant figures) = 37.8000 which should be rounded off to 38 (2 significant figures).


(3)Rules for rounding off number

  • If the digit to be dropped is greater than 5, the last retained digit is increase by one.

For example

12.6 is rounded to 13.

(2) If the digit to be dropped is less than 5, the last remaining digit is left as it is.

 For example

12.4 is rounded to 12.

 (3) If the digit to be dropped is 5, and if any digit following it is not 0, the last remaining digit is increased by one.

For example

12.51 is rounded to 13.

 (4) If the digit to be dropped is 5 and is followed only by zeroes, the last remaining digit is increased by one if it is odd, but left as it is if even.

 For example

 11.5 is rounded to 12, 12.5 is rounded to 12.

 This rule means that if the digit to be dropped is 5 followed only by zeroes, the result is always rounded to the even digit. The rationale is to avoid in rounding half of the time we round up.

Zeros calculator :

Sig fig calculator is also called Zeros calculator. this is why because it performs zeros operations, so sometimes we call it zeros calculator.

How to use Sig Fig Calculator:

Step 1:

you just need to visit sig fig calculator

Step 2:

enter your expression in the expression box. 

step 3:

Select number of significant figures. its upto you to enter the value for this or not beacuse its optional.

step 4:

the last and final step is to click the evaluate button. after this your will get your your result.

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